Wristbands usage were so common these days , but do you know by Using this wristband you can fight against COVID-19 .Check it out how

Key Idea :

The most common way that this illness spreads is through close contact with someone who has the infection. And Futhermore The Droplets containing the virus can also land on nearby surfaces or objects. Other people can pick up the virus by touching these surfaces or objects. Infection is likely if the person then touches their nose, eyes, or mouth. So, the band will be detects and gives us a vibrational signal whenever you touch your face or bite your nails. The AI will detects your activity and inform you.

Joseph and Matthew Toles and their friend Justin, who own a young company called Slightly Robot, had developed a wristband after college aimed at reducing compulsive skin-picking, nail-biting, and hair-pulling.