Google Translate is a powerful tool to clear language barriers across the world. Taking the process a step ahead, Google has announced that the AI-powered app will provide new functionality – “ Transcribe ” , that rolls out as an app update on Google Play Store and will be available for all android users in the next few days.

This new mode works by real-time transcription of speech. In which when the option is enabled, the mobile microphone triggers and listens to the speech in one language and generates text-content into preferred language.

Options in app are reorganized as shown in the picture below. The feature activates by clicking on Transcribe, which provides the recorder icon to start or pause listening to audio and displays transcribed speech in preferred language ( as in the above GIF ) . We can switch between languages, theme of interface, text size of transcribed script and also can view the original transcript ( in original language ) made available in settings option.

The real-time processing is done with internet connection only, as this new mode depends on communication with Tensor Processing Units ( TPUs ) in Google servers, unlike the similar on-device live transcription build available in Recorder app. The list of available languages at launch include – English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

The feature satisfies the need of language interpretation of long speeches at varied levels, when you attend foreign conferences, events, or when working with pre-recorded audio files. Though audio files cannot be uploaded for using the feature, as an alternative, you can input the audio file as a computer speech from another device ( mobile, smart home device, …) 

As of the first release this great functionality is planned to launch for Android devices only and the Search Giant plans to make this feature available on iOS at some point in future.