1) How will you use your laptop

  • Light use :

Simple, everyday activities like surfing the web, em ail and social media, watching movies or streaming content

  • Medium use :

Typing for work, browsing the web, editing documents and photos and basic ga m ing. This could include students or professionals who do a lot of research and could have multiple documents or tabs open at a time.

  • Heavy and Demanding use :

Includes content creation, heavy programming, specialized applications such as Auto CAD, Photoshop and MAT LAB, as well as heavy gaming.

2) Performance

A laptop’s performance is based on 5 main things.
  • Processor
  • Battery
  • RAM          
  • Internal storage
  • Graphics card

2a) Processor :

Processor is the brain of the computer. The better the processor the better the work rate.

Processor Types: Processors are made primarily by two companies – Intel and AMD.

  • Intel has its Pentium, Celeron and Core i3, i5, i7 & i9 series
  • AMD has A, FX and Ryzen series of processors

2b) RAM :

More the Ram better would be Multi Tasking

  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is what stores a ll the open apps, files and games you may be playing
  • More RAM allows more of them to be running simultaneously.
  • Typically laptops come with 4, 8 or 16 GB of RAM

RAM Type :

  • DDR4: Faster, efficient power consumption
  • DDR3: Older, slower & consumes more power

2c )Internal Storage

  • This is where all the documents, photos, apps, games and movies are stored.
  • Storage on a laptop is where the operating systems are installed.
  • Without sufficient storage, you will not be able to store anything, and it will also impact the speed of performance.

2d) Battery :

The more the battery capacity the more the hours of usage

  • Things like screen brightness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, type of processor and even the load on your CPU will impact battery life.
  • Gaming, video playback, heavy editing etc can all speed up battery drain  noticeably.
  • Bigger batteries usually mean heavier laptops.

2e) Graphics Card :

  • A graphics card is a dedicated chip inside your laptop,responsible for the quality of visuals you see on your screen .
  • Just like RAM the more the GB’s in your graphics card, the smoother you r games will run, even i n Full HD or 4K resolution.
  • Photo and video editing software like Photoshop, design software like AutoCAD, and of course most modern games require a dedicated graphics card to function smoothly.