On the Recent announcement of G&S Taxes by Indian government, All the Mobile Companies had increased their Mobile Prices and it will be implement from April 1 2020. By looking the price categories for the price category upto 10000 has been increased by 500-700. And for the price category 10000-20000 has been increased by 1000-1800. And the price category 20000-30000 has been increased by 2000-2700.

Mostly All the Mobile companies 98% had followed the same hike in their Respective categories as mentioned above. Some of the hiked Details given below.


So.. firstly with the COVID-19 most of the people have a financial breakdown or crisis. So according to our perspective most of the people refuse to buy mobiles . This gonna make a heavy loses to mobile companies , So after every thing gets fine definitely companies gonna decrease their prices. So, what’s the best suggestion from BYTEDEALER is wait for some time until every thing gets fine definitely prices gonna come down, And E-commerce sites provide different kinds of sales ,So try buy only in those SALES , to have a budget category products.