NVIDIA has posted a short teaser to its GeForce brand Twitter feed, announcing its “ultimate countdown”. The Tweet contains a short video, along with the ultimate countdown hashtag.

This so-called “ultimate countdown” points to the end of the month and, coincides with the 21st anniversary of the company’s first GPU launch.

The company’s new header image on Twitter reads “21 days. 21 years.”, which is a reference to the announcement of GeForce 256. “GeForce 256” graphics card was first announced on August 31, 1999, meaning it will turn 21 years old in exactly 21 days.

Of course, thanks to all the recent rumors and leaks, we have a rough idea of what’s coming……….! The Next Generation 3000 series ‘Ampere GPUs’…! Several sources suggest that Nvidia is planning on launching on three different classes of the RTX 3000 series in September with more coming months that follow. 

The launch schedule of these cards is something that was already leaked before. We might also know how these graphic cards might look like. Have a look below

As of now, we are still unclear about the naming convention. Here’s something we can roughly expect from the Ampere Series

  • 4x faster than its predecessor.
  • Utilizes DLSS 3.0.
  • Over 50% increase in performance compared to the last generation.
  • 7nm manufacturing process.
  • RTX 3090: 24 GB GDDR6X, 384-bit memory bus, 350 W😵
  • RTX 3080 Ti: 11 GB GDDR6X, 352-bit memory bus, 320 W

Its rumored that there’s a Whopping 24GB GDDR6X RTX card set to replace the current RTX 2080 Ti

The “Super” versions of the new graphics cards are also rumored to be launching shortly after likely in mid-September /early October. This allows Nvidia to directly compete with AMD’s launches in the same period. 

Exciting times for PC gamers and tech enthusiasts. We’ll have to wait until 31 August for the full reveal…! Also, check out this article on upcoming hardware launches.