Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5 unveil tomorrow, some juicy quotes are starting to pop up online because the hype teach leaves the station.The PlayStation 5 is set for 2020 holiday release, but the device remains a mystery. Sony seems to reveal that on Wednesday with a video centered announcement on the imminent console’s architecture.

The PlayStation maker tweeted Tuesday that it will offer a “deep dive” into the PS5 on Wednesday. System lead architect Mark Cerny will host the presentation.

With the Xbox Series X specs already made public, all eyes are actually on PlayStation. These 2 next-gen consoles will be very comparable in terms of power and well known functionality however Sony previously stated that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with its predecessor PS4 and it’s starting to sound just like the PS5 could be packing some thing special.

Sony will air the PS5 video at 12 PM. ET/9 AM PT Wednesday on the PlayStation Blog.

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The first PS5 details got here out in October with teasers about the system’s hardware and controller. In February, Sony created the console’s website, even though no new info has been added since it went up.

Either way, it won’t be long till the Ice breaks..!!