SEO is entirely different from SEM. In SEO,advertisers do not pay to search engines for traffic and clicks. They earn a free spot in search results by having the relevant content based on the keyword searched by the users. Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) refers to paid search marketing, where the advertiser pay to search engines like Google, Bing etc to depict their ads in the search results. SEM is not required for all websites.

The top place is obtained not by paying but by the relevant content with more visitors. For online marketing both SEO and SEM plays a major role.

keywords role

Keywords play the key role for a website or blogs. For keywords search we have many sites like Google Keyword Planner, seoprofiler, word tracker etc. You get the search volume which changes over time, the cost per click, and many more. In seoprofiler, the keyword database contains more than 249 million keywords.

Google Ads tool help to choose a keyword bid based on an amount you choose for google search engine.Many advertisers start with a max CPC bid of US$1.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Why – To grow the quality and quantity of website traffic.

How – By increasing the visibility of a website to users of a web search engine.

It improves the unpaid results( or organic results ). It also promotes the site by increasing the number of inbound links. The behavior of the search engine is a result of programmed algorithms. When a word is searched by a user, the search engine crawls for websites with similar keyword and display the resulted websites. A website receives more visitors when website’s rank tops the results page. SEO has two broad categories known as white hat and black hat. White hat – techniques recommended by search engine companies as part of good design. Black hat – techniques which search engines do not approve. Main motto of black hat SEO’s are to gain more traffic to there websites by keyword stuffing without having good content.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

It is one of the efficient way to build any business in this competitive world. You can promote your business and products. It is a paid business marketing to advertise products and services on search engine result pages. Bidding is done on keywords which have high search rate – to increase the appearance of their ad, to the users who search for it. These ads come in variety of formats like Text based, Product Listing Ads and visual, often known as pay-per-click ads etc. SEM offers advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front row of motivated customers who are ready to buy at the precise moment. No other advertising medium can do this other than SEM.